I have been recognized as a 2022 Brandt Fellow. Through this award, I will examine the potential impacts of artificial intelligence in health, specifically how health providers and patients perceive and communicate about AI in their clinical encounters.

Because I have a background in information systems (London School of Economics, LSE) and communication, I have been considering how to interweave these disciplines to develop a framework or theory that can help us better conceptualize the impacts of these technologies on health. In May (2022), I started these discussions with colleagues from the LSE.

I have also been working with a Ph.D. student, Victoria Nelson, to write an editorial to lay out possible impacts and future directions of this technology in the health context.

Additionally, the College of Communication Arts and Sciences has a strong research presence in research in the area of AI in all aspects of communication. I have partnered with Dr. Maria Molina to start a Consortium to strengthen our reputation in this area.

More to come in this space! I am looking forward to the possibilities that are out there.